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Circle of the Year

Jul. 31st 2009

Each morning we open our camp day with a Fair Acres tradition.  Today was the most exciting circle thus far. Alexx and Kyle (both 6 year old counselors) led circle time. It started off with funny jokes by campers, then one camper from each group got to take part in face painting the director of camp, and finished with some songs ad dance. The energy from this mornings circle capped off our best week of camp this summer.

A camper from our youngest group showing off his moves!!!!!!!


Campers from each age group had a chance to paint our director!!!!!


Craig enjoying his new look!!!!!!!


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Campfire Night

Jul. 23rd 2009

Our annual campfire night was held at the new Fair Acres fire pit. Constructed last week by camp owners Craig and Curt Larson, our two oldest camp groups gathered for a night of games, hamburgers, and smores. What’s better then spending the night around a camp fire with scary stories, your favorite counselors, and smores????

Refreshing swim at dusk!!!


Rachael and one of our campers during capture the flag!!


Cam and his team celebrating a hard earned victory!!!


One of our oldest campers having a blast!!!


Cam, Mad, Rachael, and Andy telling a scary story!!


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Color Wars a Success Again

Jul. 14th 2009

A camp tradition, Color Wars has been creating camp excitement for years. This year’s festivities left campers asking for more. Campers and counselors split up into two teams (Red and Blue) and took part in multiple events. Water events included Color Plunge, Canoe Relay Race, and Steal the Bacon. Out on our beautiful field, we held fierce competition in camp favorites such as Garbage Collector, Team Dodgeball, and Drip Drip Drop. It call came down to a stunning finish during tug of war, when the red counselors pulled off a remarkable rally to take the lead. In the end the Red team prevailed to narrow the all time score to Blue 26 Red 22. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the children, Color Wars has become the ultimate camp experience.

Here are a few pictures from this great day!!!

Great Face Painting

Rallying the troops




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Hurry In!!!!

Jul. 7th 2009

With an outstanding registration period, we are sad to announce that there are only a few spots left open for sessions 3 and 4. So hurry in to reserve what we believe to be the best summer experience on the cape.

For more information call 508-420-3288 or talk to Craig during Camp Hours.

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