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News from Camp Counselor Kasey Harding!

May. 29th 2015


This winter, Kasey took an unforgettable trip to California…now she’s back on Cape and ready for Summer, 2015!

This past winter break I flew across the country all the way to the West Coast and stayed in San Clemente, CA for 10 days. While there, I hiked many different trails and walked many beaches. It was so awesome to see what the life style was like on the exact opposite coast of our very own Cape Cod. The best hike I was able to walk was the one all the way to the Hollywood sign. The sight was beautiful, over looking the entire city of Los Angeles. At the beach, the water was a magnificent royal blue and I was even able to spot about 3 whales swimming right off the coast! I also paddle boarded with dolphins swimming right up along side me. I also got to walk Rodeo Dr. and spend a day in Disney Land. Although all these adventures were breath taking and so enjoyable, I had another experience that I could say was a once in a life time.

One day, while in L.A., I got the opportunity to be on set for the shooting of The Price Is Right. This is a show I was only used to watching in my dorm room with all my roommates and I ended up sitting front row as they shot an episode. Drew Carey was a great host and I got to watch as one girl, in college just like myself, won a trip to a tropical island and an older man won a brand new car! This experience was one for the books and the episode then aired on April 7th which I watched along side all my friends. It’s safe to say my trip to California was one I will never forget but, now that I am back on beautiful Cape Cod and summer is approaching, I can not wait for the Camp season to start and to be back with my favorite campers and staff!

We’re counting down the days until the start of SUMMER CAMP too!!! Register here!

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The Fair Acres Farm Animals

May. 15th 2015

We wanted to take this opportunity to formally introduce the furry members of the Fair Acres family, and invite you to visit with them on the school grounds!



Lucy is a 7-year-old Golden Retriever, known for her instinctive love of children! She frequents the school to check in on the classes, and often assists with “cleaning up” after snack time. Lucy enjoys a refreshing swim in the pond, any chance she gets. If you have the opportunity to pet Lucy, do so – she welcomes the affection!


photo 5

Amigo, is a 15-year-old Quarter Horse cross, who enjoys overseeing the property from his stable. Watching the children come and go each day from his corral, Amigo can often be heard welcoming them, with a nicker – a soft, low sound when made louder and higher, is called a “whinny.” Amigo loves the sound of children’s voices and truly enjoys when visitors come by to talk to him. When visiting Amigo, remember to stay a safe distance from the corral, and be sure not to put your hands within his reach – horses often mistake fingers for carrots, which they love to eat!  We also ask that visitors do not feed Amigo, because horses must stick to a specific diet to keep their sensitive digestive system functioning properly.

Willow & Stella

photo 4

Willow and Stella were both rescue kitties from a local shelter, and although they were initially timid, they have acclimated very well to life on the Fair Acres Farm over the past several months. They have taken to their new “job” as the resident barn cats, charged with keeping mice away from the grain supply. You may see Willow and Stella prowling the grounds on occasion!

Luna & Lola

photo 2photo 3

Luna and Lola are sisters, and will be turning five next month. They are thrilled to be out “kicking up their heels” again, after a long winter inside the barn. Like most goats, Luna and Lola have big personalities and are very curious (and, perhaps a bit mischievous)! Goats are herd animals, so they get lonely by themselves, and will “bleat” (cry) loudly when they are separated from other animals. These girls are terrific companions for Amigo, and express their excitement in many humorous ways when children come by…When visiting Luna and Lola, feel free to offer them a couple of baby carrots!

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Kindergarten Field Trip

May. 8th 2015


On Thursday, our Kindergarteners had the opportunity to take a field trip to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, in Brewster! In addition to preserving and exhibiting collections of natural history, the Museum also serves as a nature education center and steward of conservation land.

2015-05-07 13.15.29

The children explored a “discovery room” where they found crafts, magnifying glasses, a bee display, a lookout and live video feed from the “Incredible Osprey Cam.” 

2015-05-07 10.09.14

They also had a chance to see a visiting exhibit from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, featuring footage of deep-sea activity, including the local shark population. An aquarium with several  tanks, including an open look tank, showcased the wonders of the ocean and its vital importance to humanity.

2015-05-07 10.05.112015-05-07 10.40.222015-05-07 10.36.252015-05-07 10.36.34

Venturing outside, the children worked together to make an Osprey nest, and enjoyed exploring a natural play area.

2015-05-07 11.20.54

During a guided walk, through the uplands and marsh, they saw the celebrated Osprey nest and learned about a solar calendar, at last making their way through the dunes and out onto the beach. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to learn about the natural world, on Cape Cod!

2015-05-07 12.47.222015-05-07 12.32.402015-05-07 13.07.222015-05-07 12.58.16

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Meet our 2015 Camp Director!

May. 1st 2015

Lisa McIntyre: Bio and Fun Facts! 

Hi all!  My name is Lisa McIntyre, and I am the new 2015 Fair Acres Summer Camp Director and I am so excited to spend my summer with all the Fair Acres campers, counselors and the entire Larson family!!!  For the past three summers I have been a Bulldogs counselor and can truly say the time I spent at Fair Acres was some of the most rewarding, exciting, and fun-filled summer memories I have had since I was a little kid!  I cannot wait to be back and make some more amazing memories with all of the new campers; so, bring on the sunshine!


During the school year when I’m not at camp, I am a 7th grade History teacher at King Philip Middle School in Norfolk, MA.  I am just completing my second year teaching, and have grown so much as an educator over those past two years – and love every moment I spend with my students – all the ups and all the downs.  However, I am ready to shake off my serious case of the winter blues and have some good ol’ camp fun!   Bring on Shobals Pond, jailbreak, and Color Wars! Here we come summer, I’m ready to have a blast and I can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!


A few more fun facts about me, and I hope to learn more about you too!

  • I love trivia, puzzles, and riddles, so see if you can stump meJ
  • I’m very active and love being outdoors, especially the beach!
  • I strongly dislike melted ice-cream, especially the soupy part at the end!
  • I can fold my tongue like a clover, ask me to show you!

We look forward to welcoming Lisa back to Camp!

Rumor has it that Molly Larson will also be back at Fair Acres this summer! Stay tuned for more details…

2015 Summer Camp

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