Our Focus Is On Complete Child Development

Our Purpose
Fair Acres Country Day School is committed to providing a trusting, safe, friendly, and creative environment for your child. All children are social beings and it is through the social environment that the cognitive and physical activities take place at Fair Acres. It is our purpose to provide the sensory motor learning as well as the physical activities that are the forerunners of cognitive growth. Our staff is dedicated to motivating children to want to learn about themselves, their world, what they are capable of and how they fit into the world.

Our Goals
To ensure that each child develops a positive self-image and to provide for total development through:

  • Social Relationships
  • Development of gross motor and small motor skills
  • Acceptable outlets for emotion
  • Stimulating experiences that encourage them to think, analyze problems, and arrive at different possible solutions
  • Aiding language development by providing listening and verbal opportunities
  • Establishing independence
  • Allowing them to explore their environment in order to satisfy their curiosity
  • Developing an enthusiastic attitude towards school, teachers, and learning
  • Building an extension of the family and home environment

Our Promise
All children enrolled at Fair Acres will be guaranteed a total social experience that will be loving, safe, stimulating, and ultimately a learning experience regardless of their race, cultural heritage, political beliefs, religion, national origin, or parent marital status, sexual orientation or disability.